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Justcamming.com Membership Rules

Justcamming.com is a Adult Community Webcam site. its primary purpose is to provide a safe and fun environment for every member.

These rules are designed to reflect that.

These rules may change without notice, it is up to you to ensure you regularly check them. All failures to comply may result in temporary or permanent loss of status. (see Loss of membership status below)

Beta Mode: While Justcamming is in beta mode there shall be no cash payments made for redeemed points. All members will be notified by e-mail when payments for points will commence.

Age: Using this software you may encounter adult themes and images.
It is up to you to determine if you are old enough to join. In many places this is 18 and above. The ABSOLUTE MINIMUM is 18 years of age at your last birthday. In some countries and states it is 21. In some countries it is illegal at any age. Please respect the rules of the country you are in even if you are only visiting that country.

Respect all people, races and religions. We invite healthy discussion. We will not tolerate arguments.

Derogatory comments will not be tolerated, if you put someone down, expect to lose privileges, including membership.
Remember the old adage..

"If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all"

Cammers are to be respected at all times. People who cam on here do so voluntarily they do not owe anyone anything and therefore cannot be treated in anything other than in the most respectful of ways.

Do Not Beg! The most common form of abuse to a cammer is to repeatedly ask them to do things. Like "Please take off your top", "Please show us something" etc. although you may be polite in using the word please it is still begging and does not look good. don't do it.

Do Not Direct! This is a common complaint. Directing is saying things like "touch yourself there" do this, do that.. while some cammers may like this, the majority do not. it is up to you to decide whether it is appropriate. If unsure play safe and don't do it. If asked not to, then refrain.

Complaints. All complaints are to be dealt with by management, If you feel aggrieved in any way please bring it to our attention. We will deal with it swiftly and if required take away privileges of the aggrieving person.

Points. Do not do anything that could be construed as an effort to artificially raise your points earnings. For more please read Points the fine print

Solicitation. Do not ask for any offsite contact. We provide a safe and friendly community. If others appreciate your efforts they will reward you with points and by joining. This is the basis of earnings on this site. DO NOT ask anybody to attend to another web site or another IM (Yahoo, MSN etc.) to do so will forfeit membership.

Copyright. You grant copyright of all text and images transmitted by you to us for the purposes of protecting your rights and taking action against those who may wish to breach copyright laws. Such images and text may not be used in promotional material without your prior consent.

Screen Grabs / Print Screen / Recording Software. It is strictly against the rules to attempt to capture and store an image in any format whatsoever from someone else's webcam. It is a breach of copyright and a serious invasion of privacy, it is also grounds for immediate account termination. We will follow up all cases with possible civil/criminal charges for breach of copyright laws.

Contact Details. Do not request or provide any personally identifying contact details. In the interests of your own personal safety it is unwise to do so. We do not recommend giving out personally identifiable information to any person using our chat system. Attempts to solicit such information from another member can and will result in account termination.

Fan mail/email Each member has their own email address which is . This email is screened by staff to prevent spamming, stalking and other abuses.

You must have selected to allow emails when you join to send or receive fan-emails

Account Closure. Please log in to your Member Profile to close the account.

Loss of Membership Status. At anytime at the discretion of Management or their appointed moderators you may lose membership status either temporarily or permanently (only management can remove membership permanently).

In the case of temporary loss of status your account will be downgraded to the status of gawker for a predetermined time, after this time your status will be restored in full.

In the case of permanent loss of status your account will be blocked from our system, all points and earnings accrued and any fees paid will be forfeit. This is a last straw measure and will be applied if you continue to fail to abide by the rules.

Opt in Email We respect your right not to receive emails from JustCamming.com. If you choose not to receive emails from us we will at all times refrain from sending upgrade offers and fan-e-mails (see above).

Management reserves the right to send you e-mails at your registered address when appropriate and necessary. The content of these emails will only pertain to important information about your membership or in respect to complaints from other member regarding your activities here on Justcamming.com It is a requirement of your membership at justcamming.com to allow such e-mails. Should you not want any emails at all then please refrain from registering. We reserve the right to cancel any membership should any emails be returned as undeliverable.

Please see account closure above if you wish to cancel an account.



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