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Are you interested in investing in Justcamming.Com?

Justcamming.Com has huge potential. With huge potential comes the possibility of huge returns.

To realise its potential though Justcamming needs funds, Like any business it takes money to get up and running.

If you are in a position to provide such funding I am keen to talk to you.


To become involved you will need to consider the following

  • You must be in complete agreement with the Mission Statement
  • You must be prepared to sign an NDA (non disclosure agreement)
  • You must have funds of at least $5000.00 US you are prepared to invest
  • You must be able to invest those funds for a minimum of 12 Months
  • You are not required to be directly involved in the business (silent investor)
  • Any comments suggestions and experience you can bring to the project will be highly regarded
  • You will be kept up to date with fortnightly updates and a monthly progress report

Return on Investment

It is unethical to predict future returns on investment, however your investment will give you part ownership of Justcamming.Com and as an owner you will have the rights to a percentage of the returns generated by this exciting project.

If you are seriously considering investing in Justcamming.Com Please contact me at

Please provide your full details including your Name, Address, Country and Land line phone number, Please include the amount you are prepared to invest and what return you would expect to get for your investment.

I will then send you a non disclosure agreement to sign. When I receive the signed NDA I will forward you the proposal and Business Plan

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